#OneNiceSummer - A Day in The Life Series
Episode 1
Ani Sanyal
Episode 2
Antwaun Sargent
Episode 3
Marcos Fecchino
Episode 2:

Antwaun Sargent

Antwaun is a creative writer based in NYC, writing predominantly about art and culture. His work has appeared in premier publications like Interview, Vogue, W Magazine, i-D, and The New Yorker.
9:30 AM - Brooklyn
"This summer, I’ve been making friends come over to my apartment, we call it Grey Gardens, after the 1975 film, because I have this large, unruly green backyard."
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12:15 PM - Downtown Manhattan
"I don’t really believe in seasonal style. I really have one rule: Give a look and always wear a matching hat."
2:30 PM - Dune Studios, Lower Manhattan
"I am inspired by experiencing culture; art, movies, music, social media, traveling, friends and fashion, and the people who make it."
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Village Crew Neck & Geo Pant SHOP THE LOOK
3:45 PM - Jack Shainman Gallery, Chelsea
"To chase your dreams in NYC, you have to be totally committed ... And get up early and stay out late!"
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