Earth Week Celebration

Why NYC Parks?

Our entire brand ethos is built on the foundation of community building. Wherever we put down our roots, we intend to leave our neighbors and environment much better than we found them. We've accomplished this in the towns and cities surrounding our manufacturing facilities, and we're emulating that same concept with our global retail locations. It's a simple objective, but an extremely powerful one.

We believe deeply in this cause, so in observance of Earth Week, O.N.S will be donating a portion of all online and in-store sales (through 04/24) to the NYC Parks Forestry Stewardship program.

What is the NYC Parks Forestry Stewardship Program?

The Forestry Stewardship program mobilizes volunteers to assist with forestry and wetland restoration, planting and pruning street trees, harvesting and propagating native seed, and monitoring local wildlife. This is a truly worthy cause, and we're proud to be on the front lines of efforts to preserve natural NYC habitats for future generations of daring explorers & adventurers.

What can you do?

Sign up, get involved, volunteer, and mobilize your friends! You can also partner with us during Earth Week, and be assured that a portion of your O.N.S purchase will be donated to a deserving cause. Whatever you choose, being a silent spectator on the sidelines is simply not an option.

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Local government department charged with overseeing and preserving nearly 30,000 acres of land, including city parks, beaches, community gardens, athletic fields, and recreational centers.

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