Hot Weather Survival Guide

We are officially in summer time territory. And when you’re trying to put your best self forward, 90-degree temps can be a real pain. T-shirts and shorts will always be a go-to option, but we’ve put together a few tips on how to beat the heat without sacrificing your style. Study up.

Go Retro


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again– stripes are very much in, as well as the throwback camp-collar shirt. So why not combine the two? Make the 50’s inspired retro-style silhouette your summer weekend staple, and wear it with everything from chinos to trunks.


Say No to Baggy Swim Shorts


We’ve all seen it, the guy at the beach with the oversized tank and board shorts that hang well below the knees. It’s not flattering, he knows it, we know it, so don’t do it. Instead, we highly recommend you invest in trunks that hit the sweet spot just above the knee. You’ll turn a lot more heads, we promise.


Chino’s Over Denim


Hear us out, we love denim (we really do) but there comes a point, every summer when it just gets too hot for jeans. The weight of the denim and the tight fabric weave is too much. That’s where the chino comes in, they’re the warm-weather alternative to jeans with additional versatility. While jeans will inevitably make your outfit a touch more casual, chinos can be dressed up or down.

Be A Good Sport


There’s been a lot of talk about the transition to sportswear within menswear. We know it’s happening and see it everyday, the question is how does that translate into the summer? Although it’s still not acceptable to show up at the office in your gym fit, the trick to looking presentable in sportswear is to not look like you’re going to the gym at all. Pair shorts with a lightweight button-up and you’re good to go.




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