2017 Music Picks by DJ Sam French


Although he’s still just 26, DJ Sam French is  a certified vet in the music industry. He’s been DJing since he was 14-years-old, and he hit the ground running when he moved to NYC in 2008. What started out as a hard hustle booking gigs 6 nights a week at clubs, has now transitioned into the event world, frequenting venues like 1OAK and Up&Down and traveling everywhere, from Paris to Tokyo. With a highly refined and attuned ear for music, it’s safe to assume that his career will only climb to higher heights. Find out below the artists DJ Sam French has on his radar in 2017, and be sure to check out the accompanying playlist below.

DJ Sam French 2017 artist picks:

Superorganism- Something for your MIND: A group out of the UK. Every person in the group (and there are a lot of them) is amazing/talented/open-minded, and the music they have planned to come out this year sounds like nothing else I’ve heard in a very very long time. They’re aiming really high this year and I think they’ll accomplish what they’ve set out to do.


Maximilian- Feelings: Maximilian is from Denmark and he’s a complete star. His voice is astounding and soulful, but beyond that he can control it so well. His writing is profound as well and he has the look.

Abhi Dijon– An RnB duo. These kids work as baristas 8 hours a day and go make music at night and the first few times I heard it I started tearing up. It’s so beautiful and in its own world. They’re starting to crank out music and I think 2017/2018 is going to be their breakout.

Pinegrove-Aphasia: Listen to the lyrics and I defy you to stay composed. Pinegrove’s writing is so, so beautiful. I think they’re developing a really strong cult-like following and you’re going to see them morph into a huge touring band in the next 2-3 years.

Sorcha Richardson: A singer-songwriter from Dublin who I’ve seen playing around NYC. She’s really come into her own as a songwriter and I’ve heard some of the music she has slated to come out over the next year and it’s heavy. Music industry people have been talking about her.


Billie Eilish: Billie is so full of spunk, especially given her age (15). Everything about this project works.

XXXtentacion– He just got out of prison. Full disclosure I feel really uncomfortable listening to his lyrics because I know it’s real with him. I think hip hop is fragmenting and given the political climate right now, people are starting to listen to hip hop that raises socio-political awareness. The other side of the coin is the hip hop that shows America’s disenfranchised youth- the people that our system has left in the dark, and XXXtentacion represents that group. His words are so intense and so angry and frankly mind-boggling that you can’t possibly believe a person is doing or saying these things, yet it’s real, and it’s the byproduct of our society leaving these people behind. These songs are heavy

Lauv – I don’t know too much about Lauv, but his songs are big (and getting bigger), and he’s been doing a lot of sessions with pretty big artists; I think you’re going to see Lauv’s name come up a lot.


Blondage: A duo from Denmark. Their music is the intersection of some great aspects in music right now- really cool production, the forward-thinking melodies of Scandanavia, and the ultimate cool factor. In terms of spotify performance you’re going to see a Terror Jr. type rise with them. They have a new single coming in the next few months that’s going to make waves.

Gorillaz– They’re back and they’re going to be bigger than ever. I’ve always had so much respect for Gorillaz- they created an internet project when most people were still using dial-up. They released singles through online video games and have always challenged the conventions of how people experience music. In an age where everyone is trying to do something different (but usually are just doing the same thing), I think Gorillaz are going to not only break barriers of artist-fan relationships, but they’re going to do with bang-on fantastic music. Very few people possess both the talent and A&R that Damon Albarn has. THEY’RE BACK.


PnB Rock – He’s already had some great songs over the past year (Selfish, Misunderstood, etc), but I believe 2017 is going to be a big one for PnB. He has an awesome voice and is a fantastic writer

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